Mastering Editorial Style Wedding Photography

For couples seeking a wedding album that is not just a collection of moments but a visual storytelling masterpiece, editorial style wedding photography is the epitome of sophistication. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of editorial wedding photography, exploring its characteristics, benefits, and how you can achieve this exquisite style to create timeless images for your clients.

Understanding Editorial Style: A Definition

Editorial photography is images that appear alongside the text in print or online publications. Editorial-style images are created to help tell a story or support the narrative in the text, with a focus on creating a specific mood or tone for the piece. When you first hear the word, most people immediately think about fashion magazines! It definitely draws inspiration from fashion magazines and photojournalism, aiming to tell a compelling and visually striking narrative.

Focus on Storytelling: Crafting a Visual Narrative

Editorial photography is of course not only about how visually appealing the image can be but it also needs to tell a story. Approach each wedding as a unique story, capturing not only the key moments but also the emotions, details, and atmosphere that make each celebration special. This really brings in feeling and nostalgia when the couple looks back on their wedding photos.

Preparation and Planning: The Art of Curation

Preparing for how you will achieve this style of photography is probably the most important part. Having a list or outline of maybe the photos that you would like to capture but also being aware of the candid moments that show genuine emotion is what will really make or break it. Curating the elements of the wedding day, such as the venue, decor, and details, contributes to the overall editorial aesthetic. Editorial style also thrives on capturing the beauty in small details, from the bride’s jewelry to the intricate design of the wedding invitations.

Posing with Purpose: Achieving Natural Elegance

With this style of photography, especially when used in weddings can be tricky because you want to create the beautiful balance between candid moments and natural posing. Capturing candid moments is crucial to really getting the emotion and feeling across in photos but make sure not to turn your nose to a polished posed look. Guiding your couple on posing will be so important in order to get that particular look. Below are some examples of both candid and naturally posed images. Definitely gain inspiration from Pinterest or this blog post to practice with your next couple!

Working with Light: Mastering Light and Shadow

Something that is so fun about editorial style photography is the ability to really play with light. It’s so important to master light and shadow because this style often involves playing with natural and artificial light to create dynamic and visually engaging compositions.

“OBSESSED with our Wedding photos is an understatement! We are so grateful for Emily and her team on our wedding day and throughout the entire wedding planning process. We had been following her work for a while and loved everything she posted and captured with her other clients that we were so excited to meet her. From our very first conversation I knew she was the photographer for us. Not only is she the kindest person I’ve ever met but her artistic eye and ability to capture every moment and turn them into beautiful works of art is unmatched. We always wanted a more editorial take on the classic wedding shots and Emily exceeded that dream. During our wedding day she made us feel so comfortable that we forgot about how awkward we usually are in front of the camera. I have never felt more beautiful and confident than I did with Emily, I am so thankful. Even our guests kept mentioning how amazing it was to watch her work and our other vendors kept mentioning how amazing she was to work with. We received our sneak peaks right after the wedding and it was amazing to be able to experience the joy of our day through her images and share with our loved ones. Not long after we received our full gallery and there are so many special pictures it’s hard to choose our favorites. We even plan on turning some of our photos into art for our home. I’m so grateful that she was not only our photographer but a part of our day that we will never forget. We can not wait to work with Emily again! She is a dream to work with.”

-Nicole, The Bride

Environmental Portraits: Blending the Couple with the Surroundings

When you have a gorgeous venue like The Colony Hotel as your backdrop, having a stunning couple blend in but also completely stand out is what photographer dreams are made of! Editorial style often involves integrating the couple seamlessly with their surroundings, creating visually stunning images that showcase the beauty of the venue.

Post-Processing Techniques: Enhancing the Editorial Look

Obviously editing style can also have an impact on how your editorial style photos turn out. Learning the post-processing techniques the enhance the editorial look will be paramount! The use of things like color grading, subtle retouching, and other editing methods contribute to the overall elegance of the final images.

Building a Signature Style: Your Unique Editorial Approach

But overall, develop your own signature editorial style that sets you apart and people will recognize as you! Whether it’s a preference for muted tones, a focus on black and white, or a penchant for dramatic lighting, finding a unique approach can set you apart in the competitive wedding photography industry.


Hair & Makeup: TheClyque

Florals: SimplyEventsDesign

DJ: djadamlipson

Planner: Rackel Gehlsen- rgluxuryevents

Editorial style wedding photography offers a sophisticated and timeless approach to capturing the essence of a wedding day. By understanding the key elements and implementing thoughtful techniques, wedding photographers can create a visual narrative that not only showcases the beauty of the celebration but also becomes a work of art that stands the test of time.

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